Joe Dispenza’s 5 Minute Meditation

Joe Dispenza's 5 minute meditation

Why meditate? You’re probably already familiar with meditation. It’s a practice that involves mindfulness and the use of certain techniques, such as intentionally focusing on specific thoughts and dreams. It also includes activities like deep breathing or slow, intentional muscle movements. But, have you had a chance to experience Dr. Joe Dispenza’s 5 minute meditation? … Read more

Your Formula for Self Confidence

Self Confidence

What is Self-Confidence? Self-confidence is the general attitude that we have about our unique skills and abilities. Having it means that we fully accept ourselves and trust in the sense and amount of control we experience in life.  It means that we have an awareness of both our strengths and our weakness. It allows one … Read more

How to Improve Short Term Memory after Lockdown

brain activity

If you’ve been feeling more forgetful these days, you’re not alone Our current routines are built around hyper-repetitive schedules and have us feeling like we’re reliving the same day, over and over. And it turns out that this could be severely affecting not only your memories but your general interpretation of reality. By implementing a few new … Read more

Simplify your Daily Routine | Amplify your Life

Simplify your Daily Routine

Are you satisfied with your daily routine? A successful routine is created by continuously “sticking” to habits. And while good habits aren’t easy to form, they are incredibly powerful at changing our lives for the better. By choosing to simplify your daily routine and to develop a schedule around the tasks and activities you enjoy, … Read more

Ready to Increase Productivity with Rest?

Increase Productivity with Rest

Increase Productivity with Rest For some of us, it may feel indulgent (or impossible) to simply relax. However, we surely don’t judge mother nature for a winter of slumber before a springtime season of growth, so why do we judge ourselves for our own downtime? If it’s the feeling of success that we’re after, we … Read more

Taking Action | Gary Vee and NFTs

taking action

The NFT trend is steadily growing. And whether it’s something you’re already interested in—or still confused about—we’re sharing the latest here because it’s definitely a hot topic! Read on to learn more about Gary Vee’s NFTs, how his “early start” with taking action increased his chances for success. What are NFTs? A non-fungible token (NFT) … Read more