Joe Dispenza’s 5 Minute Meditation

Why meditate?

You’re probably already familiar with meditation. It’s a practice that involves mindfulness and the use of certain techniques, such as intentionally focusing on specific thoughts and dreams. It also includes activities like deep breathing or slow, intentional muscle movements. But, have you had a chance to experience Dr. Joe Dispenza’s 5 minute meditation? People who regularly meditate often report experiencing:

  • Improved attention
  • Increased general awareness
  • Better mental clarity
  • More stability in emotions and state of mind

Highlights from Joe Dispenza’s 5 minute meditation

I’ve been exploring meditation for quite some time, so I was surprised to learn about a slightly different technique from Joe that involved additional focus on the physical aspect of meditating.

Posture: While seated in a comfortable position, it’s essential to focus on posture at the same time. Sitting up straight helps to more deeply open up the channel that connects the lungs to the brain.

Engaging our muscles: As we inhale, we’ll focus on intentionally pulling our energy up through the center of our body by lifting and contracting specific muscle regions (which is best explained by Joe in his video).

An ongoing, individual experience: Joe explains that it’s crucial for us to remember that the process of learning and implementing meditation is an ongoing, continued practice. When we put effort into experimenting and revising what works best for each of us as individuals, we’re more likely to achieve our desired results. This intentional effort is vital as many people may stop after trying it just a few times, feeling as though nothing is happening because they don’t feel any difference.

It takes time: When we compare the short amount of time that we’ve invested into our meditation practice with the much longer amount of time that we’ve been experiencing negative or unpleasant thoughts, it’s reasonable to believe that the process of changing our brain deserves a significant amount of time and effort.

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by Cherilyn Cole
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