The Art of Pursuing Goals is a Science


“Just because you feel something doesn’t mean acting upon that feeling is useful.” —Tom Bilyeu Goal Setting should not be Emotional In the process of goal setting (about nearly anything we want to achieve in life), humans encounter a significant problem: we try to feel our way forward.  For example, we might make the mistake of assuming … Read more

What is a mastermind?

mastermind group meeting

Mastermind explained: Author of the best-selling self-help title, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, was known to introduce the idea of a mastermind group principle in his teachings. Hill explained it as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. No … Read more

What is self-actualization?


Self-Actualization? What is Self-Actualization? Self-Actualization is a process of growth that elevates our talents and creativity into legitimate, measurable success. It’s the complete realization of becoming and being our greatest possible version. This includes nurturing our personal potential and the development of abilities, along with a deep appreciation for life. This idea is at the … Read more

Depression vs Sadness | Jim Carrey speech clarifies

depression vs sadness Jim Carrey

Tim Ferriss shares Jim Carrey’s viral video speech: depression vs sadness Tim Ferriss recently shared a video with his audience that features Jim Carrey speaking to a large group of college graduates. In the speech, Carrey shares his interpretation of depression vs sadness. He first illustrates what he sees as the major difference between depression … Read more