Taking Action | Gary Vee and NFTs

The NFT trend is steadily growing. And whether it’s something you’re already interested in—or still confused about—we’re sharing the latest here because it’s definitely a hot topic! Read on to learn more about Gary Vee’s NFTs, how his “early start” with taking action increased his chances for success.

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger or blockchain. It certifies unique digital assets and keeps track of who has ownership of that particular unit. These unique units of data can include drawings, animated GIFs, songs, and even multi-million dollar Tweets! You read that right. Back in March, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet was sold as an NFT for the equivalent of $2.9m to a Malaysia-based businessman.

NFT accessibility

We think serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (aka GaryVee) is doing something special. His latest goal is to help educate the masses about how NFTs work and how just about anyone can access (and contribute to) this incredibly popular crypto-craze.

According to a press release, Gary Vee’s NFTs project (VeeFriends) is based around an NFT collection that includes 10,255 tokens and “aims to provide the industry with a blueprint for others to follow on how to bring value using NFT technology by giving access, community and real-life value…”

A temporary fiasco

The official project release was scheduled for 5/5/21, which is when these tokens should have become available for purchase through an auction. But unfortunately (at the time of this publication), VeeFriends is still temporarily on hold. According to multiple media channels, Gary is “re-evaluating a few things on the tech side” and wanting to give his team “some rest” before its debut.

The temporary fail has been linked to the technology behind the Dutch-style timed auctions where the NFTs will be fairly listed, “ensuring no auctions can be maliciously bid on or manipulated.” You can get further details here.

Learning from failure:
taking action now

Gary Vee’s NFTs proved that being “ready” is a myth

Gary has spent weeks hyping up the release of this project only to face failure in the most critical final moments. But ultimately, this failure led to an explosion of additional free press around his project. And at the time of publishing this article, his fans and followers are now patiently waiting for the official start of the NFT auction as demand continues to grow.

Each milestone of every goal and dream we chase will bring about multiple starts, stops, and detours. But those who succeed are the ones taking action towards their goals, whether they feel “ready” or not.

Most of us are searching for that perfect time to start—a time when our finances are in order, when our relationships feel perfect, or when it just feels like the right time…

The right time for taking action

“Perfect timing” is just an illusion perpetuated by inactivity and the observation of people who have already found success. As with any type of goal or worthwhile dream, success follows consistent action and the embracing of the mindset: “let’s just see what happens.

It’s never easy to face our fear of the unknown and officially “begin” when there are so many variables and so few guarantees. However, the only way to learn more about the process of our goals (and what we need to succeed) is to intentionally cancel out the doubt, stop second-guessing and start where we’re at.

Whether this involves personal health goals such as fitness and healthy eating, or professional goals like business or career projects, taking massive and deliberate action is the primary method for improving our life and pursuing fulfillment.

by Cherilyn Cole
author + your direct connect @ GrowthLenses

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