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Are you satisfied with your daily routine? A successful routine is created by continuously “sticking” to habits. And while good habits aren’t easy to form, they are incredibly powerful at changing our lives for the better. By choosing to simplify your daily routine and to develop a schedule around the tasks and activities you enjoy, you can expect to experience your most productive (and happiest) life!

We are not machines

We’re surrounded by screens, machines, notifications, and digital interruptions ALL DAY LONG. But we’ve got to remember that, unlike our many devices, we were not built to run non-stop. 

We can turn those devices on, hammer away at them all day without taking a break. And for the most part, they’re going to keep running day after day because they are machines. But humans are built differently. And if we don’t architect our day in the right way, by making time for things like rest, exercise, hydration, and plain ol’ “white space,” we are going to put ourselves in a bad position.

We don’t want to get to the point where “burnout” —that cryptic feeling that forces us to exert 10 x more energy to return back to square one—becomes a real possibility. The Solution?

Simplify Your Daily Routine

By simplifying our daily tasks and actions, we create more potential to achieve the things that are really important. It allows us to expand and grow, to increase what we’re capable of taking on, and to do so in a way that we’re not burnt out or jeopardizing our physical and mental well-being.

Instead of considering what safe or realistic goals that we need to set for ourselves, we can first decide to create the most inspiring schedule for our day (and week) so that we’re optimizing who we are and what we can contribute to the world. One of the smartest actions that we can take is to design our days with intention

By choosing to simplify your daily routine, you can design a unique experience to not only achieve more but feel good while you’re doing it.

Taking this small step back will set us up for success. And it begins with how we’re scheduling our day: what time we get up, how we routinely start our day and making sure that we schedule things in a way that our days are not entirely jam-packed.

This creates the potential to do more. When we become extremely clear about the hours we’re sleeping, the times that we’re working, and the moments that we carve out to connect with others, we’re going to feel more fulfillment—effortlessly.

After we determine and establish the most important aspects of our physical and intellectual needs, we can then look at our calendar and begin designing our ideal days, weeks, and months. And then scale back.

But why?

We want to do fewer things so that we can accomplish more, allowing ourselves sufficient time and energy to be the best at what we actually want to create and contribute.

Most of us have little pockets of time-spaces that are almost like weeds, growing up into our schedule. They might include looking at technology, scrolling and consuming content for longer than necessary, or simply engaging in the habits we’ve developed over time that aren’t benefitting or serving us any longer.

With just a little intentional discipline, you can easily simplify your daily routine and continue to practice what you know is going to be best for YOU.

Movement is mandatory in your daily routine

We don’t even have to work out for a full hour. A daily, twenty-minute chunk of time can be used to walk around the block for some fresh air, get in some stretching, or even using a fitness app for movement suggestions (and reminders!). This intentional movement has the power to reset our body and brain in a way that helps improve focus, clarity, and efficiency. By energizing our minds, we will accomplish more in less time. 

Implementing discipline to accomplish the necessary tasks, which allow us the time and energy to take action in more efficient ways, is the path to amplifying our desired outcomes.

The more you give extraordinary focus, time, and attention to the few truly important things in your life, the healthier and happier you will be.” —Clay Brizendine

by Cherilyn Cole
author + your direct connect @ GrowthLenses

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