Our Biggest Problem (and the best solution)

Our biggest problem

‍‍What are we all constantly encountering? Problems. Most people are trying to avoid them. We think that if there’s a problem that’s happened, we’ve done something wrong. But, what exactly is our biggest problem?

It’s likely that many of the problems are happening through no fault of our own. Many changes have recently been made to our immediate environment and the world as a whole. People across the globe continue to experience life-altering situations with little to no certainty about the future.

With all of the challenges we face daily, it’s easy to focus on whatever is not going right. Tony explained that “What’s wrong is always available, but what’s right is also always available.” It’s just a matter of training the brain to focus on what we want.

“Our biggest problem is that we think we shouldn’t have any!” – Tony Robbins

Finding the power in our biggest problem

Many of us spend our lives attempting to avoid conflict and ignore problems or difficult situations of any kind, thinking that it’s the best way to prevent pain. Unfortunately, we usually don’t understand the value that can only be found on the other side of a difficult situation.

But there is a way around it: the most efficient way to reframe the thoughts that are negative is to focus on the real POWER of problems. 

In the same way that we build muscles by pushing through resistance to create strength, we can view the unique challenges that we’re faced with as building blocks, strengthening our mind (and heart) for whatever’s coming next.

When we choose to (consciously) encounter a difficulty head-on, we’re also choosing a breakthrough for a potential solution. Or, at the very least, we’re choosing to learn more about ourselves. This not only builds confidence but makes us happier about who we are.

The solution in our biggest problem

What makes us feel alive, and what makes us grow, is the act of facing a challenge. And with every problem we face, we can choose to potentially reframe it as a life event—a life event that affirms we are conscious, active, and in charge of our life.

As Tony’s mentor, Jim Rohn, has said: “What you get will never make you happy. But who you become will make you really happy (or really sad).”

We can continue to set goals and achieve them, but the feeling of real fulfillment will only last for so long. It’s felt as we grow throughout a process and take action. When we accept and face challenges (or gracefully solve the problems in front of us), we’re choosing to expand, become a better person, and gain strength to more easily handle whatever comes next. 

We’ll always be on the receiving end of some form of stress in our lives, and the only sure-fire way to continue experiencing happiness while facing these challenges is to use them to our advantage.

Taking action is always the solution

1. Choose to believe that challenges are a sign of “life!” If we don’t have problems, we’re probably not really living. Life is always happening for us, not to us, and as we move through it, we’ll find out just how strong we really are.

2. Take advantage of building up immunity against what may become our next biggest problem. The mind tends to look out for things that are the most painful; it wants to remember difficult scenarios to avoid more of them in the future. Create a pattern of crushing the problems, learning from them, and expanding!

3. Appreciate the power of established personal strength by recalling the process of overcoming other difficult challenges. We may have hated these experiences at the time, but it’s all the proof we need to feel more confident about prevailing once again.

4. Identify the people who truly care (and keep them close). They’ll be the ones who always show genuine love and support, even when we’re at our lowest. Since none of us are going to get by in this life without experiencing extreme stress, we don’t want to do it alone (or with the wrong tribe)!

“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” – Tony Robbins

by Cherilyn Cole
author + your direct connect @ growthlenses.com

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